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All of our cutting and serving boards are made in Eugene, Oregon from Oregon Red Alder. Red Alder is a sustainable American Hardwood that flourishes in the Pacific Northwest and is considered a Green wood. It has long been valued as a wood for cutting boards because it has naturally occurring tannic acid in higher levels than other hardwoods and tannic acid helps to prohibit the growth of bacteria in the wood. Alder is a natural hardwood and will not dull or nick fine cutlery. In color, Alder is a warm reddish-brown with a clear, tight grain. However, as a natural resource some color and grain variations will occur.

Care: Wash with warm soapy water and dry immediately. Do not immerse in water; not dishwasher safe.
Use our 100% Mineral Oil for Cutting Boards to maintain the wood's natural texture and luster.


Solid Alder Bar Board
5" x 7"

Solid Alder Paddle Board
14" x 8"

Solid Alder Utility Board
13" x 10"

Solid Alder Trencher
16" x 11"